The latest from George Ryan


Hey everyone, hope you all had a great summer, I know I did! I just
wanted to give you all a quick run down of what I’ve been up to this
summer before everyone heads off to Vegas next week.

-I did a video interview for G-Rock radio (106.3 New Jersey) at Diablo
Freeride Park. The video is featured on G-Rock radio’s website. Here’s
a link to the video –

-This coming weekend I will be doing a video/photo shoot for Maxim
magazine’s website. I’ll be riding downhill and freeride features at Diablo
Freeride Park.

-Last week I went up to Highland Mountain in New Hampshire to film with
Don Hampton for his next video titled “Latitudes”. We racked up a lot
of great footage and Damian Breach took so many amazing photos. Look
for those soon in Decline Magazine.

-I had regularly been shooting, editing, and riding for videos for
Diablo Freeride Park’s website. Hopefully if you have some free time you
can check them out at –

-I just purchased a video camera and have been getting plenty of
footage, both of myself and others. My goal is to have my own feature video
out sometime next summer. I will also be working on other video
projects, including a ton of web videos in the near future.

-Pro-Tec has been running ads in Decline recently. One full page ad
featured me, and another featured the whole Pro-Tec team.

-Distilled Magazine is new on the block. Their first issue had a
feature interview with yours truly. Their second issue is out now, so if you
would like to check out the interview let me know, I’ll get you hooked

-In July I helped out the guys at Red Bull in Boston during an “Illume”
photo workshop. We cruised around the city in limo’s riding street all
day as part of a photo contest. The photos and story will be featured
in N’East magazine (photo/lifestyle mag) sometime this fall.

So there’s the quick run-down. Also be sure to check my blog on the Cut
website – for more regularly updated stuff from
me.  If anybody needs photos for ads/catalogs/websites/etc., let me
know, I’ll hook you up with a couple photographers that have some great
photos. Anyways, I hope to see everyone next week in Las Vegas. I won’t be
able to make the dirt demo, but I’ll be there for the show. Until

Ride Hard,


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