Minnaar On 4 Wheels


The day before his major surgery on his left shoulder, Greg Minnaar took part in a televised celebrity car race, and blew away the opposition. The WesBank Celebrity Blacklist Car race series, launched this year, allows national celebrities the chance to feel what it’s like to get strapped into a full spec 2.0 litre VW Polo race car and push their driving abilities to the limit and race against the clock.

30 celebrities were all put through the same format and only the top four were chosen for the final show down that was televised yesterday in cool windy conditions near Johannesburg. On the 12th of August this year, at his qualifying session, Greg almost broke the lap record that had been unbeatable and set by Radio DJ and South Africa’s Formula 1 expert commentator, Sasha Martinengo. Sasha set a scorcher of a lap at 1.29.34 and Minnaar set a time of 1.29.40, leaving both almost two seconds clear of any of their rivals.

Greg commented: “Losing by six 100th’s of a second in the car, is no different to losing in a downhill race where the times are just as close and the slightest error can cost you a win.” Yesterday saw the final showdown at Wesbank Raceway of the four top celebrities. Each driver was given 5 warm up laps to refresh their memory of the car, the track and then they would go out and do their final which consisted of an out lap, the hot lap, and then return to the pits.

Greg Minnaar, wearing his custom made Alpinestars race suit, wasted no time in letting his rivals know that he meant business and on his warm up lap was already 2 seconds quicker than anyone else. On his hot lap, and driving very aggressively and making that VW Polo squeal around every bit of the track, Minnaar came across the line with what most felt could be the quickest time for today. In the end it turned out to be a new lap record! Greg was crowned the first ever champion of the WesBank Celebrity Blacklist Challenge, with a scorcher of a lap, nearly 3 seconds quicker than 2nd place.

Greg said: “It was an awesome experience to drive a race car like that, and with a single lap to count, it made it just as nerve wracking as racing a downhill event”.

Final Results:

1. Greg Minnaar 1min 28.82secs
2. Sasha Martinengo 1min 31.41secs
3. Lolly Jackson 1min 33.15secs
4. Magesh Ndaba 1min 33.49secs

 Photos: www.23degrees-sports.com


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