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Kovarik takes NMBS #1

March 31, 2008


Chris Kovarik riding in his brand new Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense gear tore the field apart today at Fontana for round 1 of the NMBS US National series. Chris won by a convincing 2 1/2 seconds over 2nd place rider Santa Cruz Syndicates Nathan Rennie and 3rd place Yeti rider Justin Leov. Fontana layed out a pretty physical and technical course testing the riders skills and fitness. Kovarik looked visibly faster in the rock sections hitting all his lines and carrying good momentum, then put the power down on his Intense M6 on the flat challenging bottom section known as ‘the wall’ to take 1st Place. Chris has been recovering from an ankle injury that happened a month ago during a photo shoot. This was Chris’ first time back on his downhill bike and so a great start back to the beginning of many podiums for Chris and Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense for the 2008 World Cup Curcuit.

I would personally like to thank Chris for all his hard work and dediction he has put in over the winter in preperation for this season.

Nigel Page. All pictures provided by Kathy Sessler

1st Chris KOVARIK Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense  2.19.6
2nd Nathan RENNIE Santa Cruz Syndicate  2.22.2
3rd Justin LEOV Yeti/Fox  2.24.6
4th Sam BLENKENSOP Yeti/Fox  2.25.1
5th Cameron COLE Maxxis  2.25.3
6th Duncan RIFFLE Cannondale  2.25.5
7th Waylon SMITH  2.26.5
8th Luke STROBEL Maxxis  2.26.6
9th Jared RANDO Giant  2.26.7
10th Oscar SAIZ Giant  2.27.1



Stars & Bars

March 30, 2008


 We were going to write something along the lines of “support American riding/racing etc etc” but the real reason to buy Stars & Bars is that it is completely sick. Great locations, and amazing riding from the likes of JD Swanguen, Luke Strobel and Lars Sternberg, as well as in-depth coverage of the Norba series make this one of the best DVDs of the year so far. Check the next issue for a full review, and in the meantime go buy a copy!

More Vallnord

March 28, 2008

Vallnord World Cup

March 27, 2008


Round one of the UCI World Cup moves to Andorra for the first time this year. This one is going to be sick – check out the website:

getimage.jpg DH course getimage1.jpg 4X course

Sea Otter 2008

March 26, 2008

Each year the Sea Otter Classic heralds the beginning of a new season. It gives us a sneak preview of the latest bikes and kit, and offers a glimpse into who’s going to be on form for the year ahead. Check them out at

Sunn exclusive

March 24, 2008


Check out the new issue of Distilled for some exclusive Sunn Radical pics and info


Fluidride Cup

March 21, 2008

Fluidride is proud to introduce the 2008 Fluidride Cup.
After months of obtaining feedback from racers and careful deliberation, Fluidride, Hurricane racing, and NDub productions have teamed up to create the ultimate race series in the Pacific Northwest. Combining two of the most well respected race venues in the PNW the series consists of six races over six months.
With four of the six races counting toward the overall CUP, any rider wanting to give the series a go should have a crack at the overall titles.
The PNW has one of the largest Downhill scenes in the Nation, and after losing the WIM series in 2005, has had very few racing options. This is where the Cup comes into play.
“Offering a chance for so many new riders in the Region to come out and give DH, and Dual Slalom racing a go, was one of our biggest reasons for creating the Cup” Says Fluidride owner Simon Lawton
Port Angeles Dry Hill sits in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains, which means it gets a bit less rain than other areas in the Pacific Northwest. Ndub productions, along with the Olympic Dirt Society have been busy making some of the best trails anywhere in this area, which offer a mix of bermed turns, lush rain forest single track, and wide open lines with some big jumps. There is truly something for every category at this event, from the beginner friendly White Knuckle to the very technical Pro Course, as well as several other tracks which offer great flow; no two races at this venue will be the same.
Mt Hood has been offering some of the best racing in the country for over twenty years. While there are fewer tracks to choose from than in Port Angeles, the tracks offer a huge amount of terrain diversity from top to bottom, in addition to stunning veiws of Mt Hood at the starting line. The 1400′ plunge starts near the treeline at just over 5,000 feet on broken shale through scruby trees. From there, it drops into Cannonball, a mix of very rough jeep road, sweeping turns and a tricky rock garden sometimes thrown in for good measure. Exiting Cannonball, riders have a few seconds of fireroad to get their game together for the single track to come. Beginners enjoy sweeping turns; sport riders have a mix of great open European style single track along with some rock; while pro riders go on to some off camber rock sections leading into the Deck Drop to steep epic NW style fall line single track through the woods with natural features and gaps sure to test riders of any skill.
Fluidride guarantees $500.00 to the pro mens DH winner at each event and at least $200 to the winning Pro woman in the DH category.
Payout goes to the top TEN fastest times of the day, regardless of category. Petr Kakes of Hurricane racing has used this format for the last decade and has proven it to be a successful proponent to help groom the faster Experts into Professionals with out the pressure to upgrade too early. 
More information available at:
Course preview available at:

Riders Retreat bikes get stickered up

March 20, 2008


Ride SFO

March 19, 2008


West Coasters “Ride SFO” are the latest outlet for Distilled. They have a unique take on all things MTB, and in addition to their physical store in Oakland they have a thriving webstore and an interesting website – check them out at

BOS video

March 18, 2008

Courtesy of Distilled correspondent John Parkin at Orpheus Productions