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April 29, 2008

We got onto MTBCUT to find out more about the compatibility issues here in the US:

“Unfortunately, due to long standing contract that the UCI have, we are unable to broadcast the World Cup and World Championships in the USA. As far as I am aware the UCI contract was agreed several years ago and allows one broadcaster the rights for all UCI events in the USA.

From my perspective, it was a huge let down last year for the US viewers that they couldn’t watch the Worlds on like everyone else in the World. I have no idea if the rights holder in the USA plans to broadcast the events for 2008, the best course of action to find out would be to speak to the UCI directly. I would hope though, that pressure from viewers and also Nissan would result in some sort of broadcast in the USA by the organization who owns the rights.

I am assured by the UCI that their contract ends at the end of 2008 therefore hopefully allowing a fully global live broadcast.

On the plus side, John Lawlor, who regularly road trips round the World Cups for will be there filming and will have regular video updates throughout the weekend that will be available in the USA. We are allowed to broadcast non race footage in the US and also race clips under 3 minutes so I’ll edit down the live footage straight after the event and show the winning runs!

Hope that helps you understand the reasoning behind why MTBcut can’t broadcast in the USA. It’s not great but I’m afraid it is completely out of my hands.”


World Cups on TV

April 29, 2008

TV coverage of our sport is a disgrace, and you know it. Thankfully, some people who actually give a sh!t about mountainbiking decided to do something about it, and now brings you live World Cup coverage:

“In what is arguably one of the biggest steps that the sports of Downhill and 4X mountain biking has ever seen has announced that they are to screen rounds of the UCI Mountain bike World Cup live on the internet.


Following the huge success of the live online broadcast at last years World Championships from Fort William, together with the UCI, decided to continue the progression by developing live streaming of rounds of the 2008 World Cup.   The first live event will the coverage of the first Downhill and 4X events on the World Cup Calendar from Maribor, Slovenia on the weekend of the 10th/11th May 2008.


As well as the live race broadcast will also have top Downhill Videographer John Lawlor on hand to bring the latest action and breaking news from around the pits at the event. 


On the release of the news of the live broadcast Stu Thomson, the rider and videographer behind said, “this is surely one of the biggest moves ever for the growth in promotion and success of our sport.  Last year’s World Championship coverage proved that there is a massive international enthusiasm for live coverage of our sport and now this move will allow the growth and development of Downhill and 4X to continue.”

For more news of the live times and coverage, and also the latest race and mountain bike lifestyle videos click on to

From the archives

April 27, 2008

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Distilled yet, here are a few extracts from the last two issues to give you an idea of what to expect.

Sunn’s Avalanche Cup Report

April 22, 2008

The Avalanche Cup of Lyon in France is usually the first test of the season for all the riders. Romain SALADINI was on his home ground and after a hard winter preparation he was willing to show everyone that he will be strong this season. Rémi CHARRIER and Valentin JUILLARD were also there representing the SUNN Riders Society.

On saturday the 2 rounds were used to qualify the 100 best riders who will be able to race the Supercup the next day. In the Junior category, all the bets were on Danny HART, the young english of the team Saab Salomon, but Valentin JUILLARD newly integrated in the Team SUNN Riders Society wanted to prove everyone his selection was not a lucky move. He was strong on his bike and win the Junior category one second in front of Danny Hart ! First race and first victory under the SUNN colors. Good job Valentin !

Sunday morning the 100 best riders are ready to battle for the Supercup title. Giordanengo, Ruffin, Polc, Cousinié, Klausman… the general level is high but Romain remains confident and knows he’s ready. The SUNN rider destroys the field with a time of 1’08″74 in front of an impressive Thibault RUFFIN. Quentin DERBIER complete the podium and Rémi CHARRIER the SUNN rider takes a good 12th position on a track not really suiting his riding style.

Sunday afternoon it’s time for 4X race. Romain SALADINI is ultra favorite and he doesn’t disapoint us. All the winter season trainning shows. His starts are always perfect and he wins all his races easly. This is a demonstration and Romain takes the 4X title along with the Supercup DH ! Rémi CHARRIER goes to quarter final and while he was in second position he’s passed by Filip POLC in the last few turns. A big disapointment for him.

After the race Romain is feeling satisfied “This year my goal was to win both 4X and DH. I’ve done my job, this double victory 3 weeks before the first round of the World Cup is really positive. I’m confident for this season, I’ve got great feelings on both physical and technical aspects. Even if my main goal is the World Cup, it’s always important for me to win here in Lyon”.

Kyle Strait wins Sea Otter “Dual Stunt”

April 21, 2008

After qualifying fastest yesterday for the brand new SRAM Dual Stunt event here at Sea Otter, Kyle Strait went on to dominate the event and take it all the way for the win.

The course featured various obstacles such as leg sapping stall walls, wall rides, boxes, steps and narrow north shore wooden ramps, and riders went head to head in a dual slalom format on a red then black course.

With racing starting at a round of 16, it meant riders had to recover from sprinting over the various obstacles like the 8 foot high stall walls, then backing it up to go at it again. Much like the speed trials seen at the TEVA Games in Vail, Colorado, it’s all about being smooth and strong.

Kyle said: “Yesterday’s qualifying was pretty tricky, it was so gusty and you had to make sure you didn’t get blown off line, but today it was a lot more stable, so I just focused on remaining consistent. My mechanic Ryan had the bike fully dialled so there were no mechanical issues, and I just tried to keep something in reserve so I was strong for the finals. It means a lot to me to do well at Sea Otter, it’s like a home event for me, and I’ve worked really hard on my strength over winter so it’s paying off. I think the format’s really cool and I hope they run it again next year”.

More Sea Badger goodness from Wes

April 19, 2008


Sea Otter exclusive pics

April 18, 2008

“The pros and some of the other people I have been talking
to say that the course is for sure an improvement of last year’s, lots
of people and enjoying it! Pretty dry and dusty this year, no mud and
overall pretty good weather. Sunny yesterday and cloudy almost all day today. Pretty fun stuff, but everyone is still waiting for the resort

From Distilled’s resident photographer Wes Pracht

CRC/Intense hit California

April 18, 2008

All the boys from Team ChainReactionCycles/Intense have been out in Temecula, the home of Intense, for the last week riding and preparing all their bikes for the start of the season.

This is the first time the team has all been together – although mechanic Cord is stuck back in England working on the finishing touches to the race van, nice one kid! With all the different charactors on the team, it is great to see how well everyone gets on – and we are really glad as it seems the jigsaw is finally piecing together!!

Chris is riding amazing this year and was really going off the other day. His DH riding scaring the crap out the guys but I believe that Ruaridh and Matt will learn a lot from him this year. Julien is fast and very focused – his all round professionalism will teach the younger guys a few things about becoming a top World Cup rider

For our Sea Otter preparation, we have been doing some DH runs in the Californian dust and riding the pump track that Chris and Claire built. We also went down to Ted Williams riding spot for DH and jumping. Matt hit up a big 35′ gap jump first and sailed over it with a nice lazy dirt jump style. All the other guys then hit it up and everyone looked real smooth.

Jeff Steber from Intense and worked his ass off and got us all our new M6 frames ready and Dave, our chief mechanic, has been absolutely pinned all week – building every ones bikes, sorting suspension and getting everything dialled in.

We are now at Sea Otter for DH and Slalom. The first DH practice session was Thursday morning, we have another one this morning – then Slalom is Saturday and the DH Sunday. So check back after the weekend to see how the guys do. The DH track has a lot of pedaling but good fun and has some cool jumps.

Matt and Chris are using Socoms, Ruaridh is on an SS and Julien is on his M6 for DH.

F1RST Premiere

April 17, 2008

Plattekill News

April 15, 2008

Roxbury, NY: Plattekill Mountain Bike Park recently signed one of their longtime local downhill racers, Geoff Ulmer. Plattekill Bike Park, located in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, is one of the pioneers in lift-assisted service for downhill mountinbike riders.

Seventeen-year-old Geoff Ulmer, who started riding at Plattekill when he was just ten, has advanced to the “pro” class for 2008. Geoff will represent Plattekill Mountain Bike Park around the world in 2008. He was recently was selected to Playbiker – Iron Horse UCI trade team, based in Pila, Italy. Geoff will attend the North American and European UCI World Cup Events. He’ll be racing against the world’s top professionals and hopes to represent the United States at The World Championships in Val di Sole, Italy. Ulmer has won numerous titles in the US including the last three JrX Championships at Plattekill and a USAC National Championship last year.

Plattekill Mountain which features over 60 miles of lift-served mountain bike trails will continue their tradition of being the first in the country to open April 26, 2008 and last to close in mid November. Plattekill is host to the USAC New York State Championship series, featuring downhill, dual slalom and cross country races. New this year will be a 6-hour endurance race on June 7th. This year the Bike Park will host a stop and the finals of the Gravity East Series for the second year in a row. Plattekill’s steep chutes and big drops are known around the world and have given some of the world’s best riders a run for their money. The trails at Plattekill range from fast, open runs to tight rocky single-track.

“I’ve always said if you want to get faster, then Plattekill’s the place to be. The competition is top notch and the races are run perfectly. The terrain is so varied that a beginner can have a ball, while the seasoned pro will find challenging trails to remember for a long time. I’ve been training at the Bike Park for years and it has paid off. ” said Ulmer.

Laszlo Vajtay, general manager of Plattekill Mountain had this to say,” I’m more than happy to support Geoff this season. I’ve had my eye on him for the past seven years and have seen him win championships every year here from the beginner class to the JrX class when he was just 14. There’s a lot of excitement at “Platty” this year. Our first race will be held May 3-4 and will serve as the JrX automatic qualifier to USACycling’s team that will compete at the World Championships. We’ll also be offering Mad March Racing Clinics featuring Shaums March, but more on that and other news shortly.”

Playbiker – Iron Horse sponsors include Iron Horse Bicycles, e.thirteen components, Formula brakes, Kenda tires, Funn components, RMS Component Selections, A-Class Wheels, Alex Rims, SRAM, Rock Shox, UFO Plast clothing, Five-Ten Shoes, THE Industries helmets, Pila – Bike in the Sky and Insight Productions. While Plattekill Bike Park’s Downhill Series is sponsored by Magura, Fox Racing Shox, Racer’s Edge Bike Shop, and Monster Energy Drinks.