We got onto MTBCUT to find out more about the compatibility issues here in the US:

“Unfortunately, due to long standing contract that the UCI have, we are unable to broadcast the World Cup and World Championships in the USA. As far as I am aware the UCI contract was agreed several years ago and allows one broadcaster the rights for all UCI events in the USA.

From my perspective, it was a huge let down last year for the US viewers that they couldn’t watch the Worlds on like everyone else in the World. I have no idea if the rights holder in the USA plans to broadcast the events for 2008, the best course of action to find out would be to speak to the UCI directly. I would hope though, that pressure from viewers and also Nissan would result in some sort of broadcast in the USA by the organization who owns the rights.

I am assured by the UCI that their contract ends at the end of 2008 therefore hopefully allowing a fully global live broadcast.

On the plus side, John Lawlor, who regularly road trips round the World Cups for will be there filming and will have regular video updates throughout the weekend that will be available in the USA. We are allowed to broadcast non race footage in the US and also race clips under 3 minutes so I’ll edit down the live footage straight after the event and show the winning runs!

Hope that helps you understand the reasoning behind why MTBcut can’t broadcast in the USA. It’s not great but I’m afraid it is completely out of my hands.”


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