World Cups on TV

TV coverage of our sport is a disgrace, and you know it. Thankfully, some people who actually give a sh!t about mountainbiking decided to do something about it, and now brings you live World Cup coverage:

“In what is arguably one of the biggest steps that the sports of Downhill and 4X mountain biking has ever seen has announced that they are to screen rounds of the UCI Mountain bike World Cup live on the internet.


Following the huge success of the live online broadcast at last years World Championships from Fort William, together with the UCI, decided to continue the progression by developing live streaming of rounds of the 2008 World Cup.   The first live event will the coverage of the first Downhill and 4X events on the World Cup Calendar from Maribor, Slovenia on the weekend of the 10th/11th May 2008.


As well as the live race broadcast will also have top Downhill Videographer John Lawlor on hand to bring the latest action and breaking news from around the pits at the event. 


On the release of the news of the live broadcast Stu Thomson, the rider and videographer behind said, “this is surely one of the biggest moves ever for the growth in promotion and success of our sport.  Last year’s World Championship coverage proved that there is a massive international enthusiasm for live coverage of our sport and now this move will allow the growth and development of Downhill and 4X to continue.”

For more news of the live times and coverage, and also the latest race and mountain bike lifestyle videos click on to


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