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Anaïs PAJOT Junior DH World Champion !

This is great news for the SUNN Riders Society, Anaïs PAJOT is your new Junior Women DH World Champion 2008 !!

Not so long ago doubters were saying “Pajot, last year everyone was talking about her but this year she’s out of the game”. This was an underestimation of her talent, her motivation and her performance during the last test event in Val Di Sole 2 months ago. Anaïs has been consistent all week with a first place during qualification with a 25 second lead and a final run giving her the World Champion title, 6 seconds ahead of Myriam NICOLE also in good shape. Her scratch time will have placed her 7th in the Elite category which is quite impressive when you know that it is only her first year in the junior category ! SUNN is adding another World Champion title to an already long list. Some will remember our previous title was with Nicolas VOUILLOZ in 1998… 10 years later SUNN is back at the forefront of DH competition.

In the Junior Men’s category, the talk of the day was Rémi “Mitch” THIRION riding. Qualifying first on the Thursday the SUNN rider was starting in last position for the final run. On the top section Mitch was fast, really fast. Flying from rock to rock, always on the edge, but keeping control of his machine. In the arrival field you could feel the tension within the crowd. Suddenly, while taking a completely new trajectory (later on used by Sam HILL), Mitch hit a photographer and crashed hard. Why this photographer was on the track, we will probably never know. A quick recovery and he was back on his bike. In the last steap section he was really fast and managed to take 3rd position !! Taking first place, Josh BRYCELAND knows Remi will continue to be a strong contender for the end of the season .

Later on that day, Romain got ready to start the 4X competition : The first races went well, the SUNN rider was fast, had really good gates and special moves in his pocket just in case… In the Semi Final everything seemed OK, he lay in second behind Alvarez, but on the lower section of the track Alvarez was slower and Romain could feel Deldycke coming back from behind. Romain decided to attempt passing Alvarez in the last turn to avoid the return of DELDYCKE. Unfortunatly the SUNN rider’s front wheel slipped, he unclipped and couldn’t avoid the return of DELDYCKE. Romain missed out on the final race and was really disapointed.

Our team manager Stephane GIRARD : “Our 3 riders have done a good job during this race. Anaïs has been fantastic, she’s has managed the pressure and has done a great race. Mitch, despite his crash which cost him many seconds was one of the sensations of the race. He has never given up and fought to reach the podium. Romain was in a tricky situation, staying behind ALVAREZ and hoping that DELDYCKE would not pass him or attempt to pass ALVAREZ and stay safe. I think he made the right choice but has not been lucky”.


Rémi “Mitch” THIRION

Anaïs and Mitch with Greg Herbold and all the Sram crew. Thanks guys !



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