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Trek World Cup Team

September 27, 2008

No word on the DH roster yet but things are moving that way for the newest team on the WC circuit. 23 Degrees announced that Liam Killeen, Lucas Flueckiger and Matthias Flueckiger are the new XC riders on the team, and that the DH roster will be announced shortly. It seems pretty certain that Sam Hill will now be on Specialized so that rules him out. Any predictions? Correct guesses will win some goodies to be determined at a later date. Email:


iXS Cup, Leogang

September 24, 2008

In the first year of its existence, the iXS European Downhill Cup went to Austria’s Leogang for its final race. 200 riders from 20 countries were on parade, competing for important points for the overall classification. It soon showed just how strong the starting riders were going to be and that there were many candidates for the victory on this course that offers a 480 meters of difference in altitude on a distance of 2.3km.

Nick Beer (SUI-iXS Sports Division) offered a first foretaste on his ambitions for the overall victory in Saturday’s seeding run. He was the fastest there, putting more than two seconds on his closest competitors Sam Blenkinsop (NZL – Yeti Factory) and Marcus Klausmann (GER – Ghost International).

On Sunday, the finals started under constantly chilly, yet dry conditions. All the practice runs were taking their toll on the course which became increasingly demanding: Apart from riding skills, a lot of endurance was needed as well. Nick Beer did not seem to bother about that, getting along fine on the course called «Speedster» and posting a new best time of 4min06. In second position, Marcus Klausmann was just three hundredth of a second slower, with Marcel Beer (iXS Sports Division) finishing in third. After having won Schladming’s world cup final, Sam Blenkinsop could not live up to his role as a favorite, as a crash threw him way back to 33rd position.

The junior category’s race was once again won by Joseph Smith (GBR – Tomac), and his time would have placed him in fourth within the elite category. Boris Tetzlaff (AUT – Solid AClass) and Roman Roschi (SUI – Suspension Center) were trailing in second and third. In the women’s elite category, Petra Bernhard (AUT – Ancilotti) rode to a winning margin of more than ten seconds on Diana Marggraff (ECU – CDP-Zenith) and Anita Molcik (AUT – Yeti). The masters category was won by Wilfred van de Haterd (NED – Nox Cycles) in dominating fashion, putting Marcel Waldmann (SUI – DT Swiss/Nicolai) and Timo Beutel (GER – Zonenschein) in second and third respectively.

Aggregating no less than 400 points, Nick Beer is the overall winner of the cup. Just four days after his 21st birthday, the Matten resident riding for Team iXS Sports Division made himself probably the most beautiful present, Although he missed one of the races due to his participation at Canada’s world cup races, he left the other four venues as winner. Nick’s older brother Marcel finished in second in the overall, completing the double for the title sponsor’s team. Finishing in third, Marcus Klausmann proved one more time that he is still Germany’s number one on an international level.

The women’s overall classification was won by Miriam Ruchti (SUI – Sport Promotion) ahead of Caroline Sax (FRAU – Vario) and Harriet Rücknagel (GER – Zonenschein). In the junior category, the overall was won by Great Britain’s promising youngster Joseph Smith, while Marcel Waldmann was the overall winner in the master’s category.

On the next two weekends, both the iXS German Downhill Cup and the iXS Swiss Downhill Cup will come to a befitting end in Bad Wildbad and in Bellwald, respectively. On top of all that, the End of Season Party is scheduled for 18th October on Bern’s Gurten, including the award ceremonies for the Swiss Cup, a choice of DJs and a live concert.

Evil Bikes Signs Vanderham

September 24, 2008

Check out the press release below.

PDF Press Release: evil

The best thing on the internet

September 24, 2008

Yeti’s video shorts are the best thing on the net right now, and this Schladming vid is the best of the lot.

XBOX 360 Slopestyle

September 22, 2008

Pí s e k / CZE – Písek Slopestyle a great performance of the best freeride MTB racers seen in the Czech Republic. The town’s historical centre replaced the common nature scenes so typical for freeride.

Huge obstacles made of wood, steel and earth were tested by 30 riders from all over the world, including racers from the Czech Republic. The race began with a two round qualification. Howeve,r before the start  Jan „Netro“ Netrval, one of the favourites of the race was injured when he fell on the final extreme drop. This excluded him from the races that followed. 

Marius Hoppensack from Germany won the first round of the qualification, followed by Czech Tomáš Zejda and French racer Hatton. Ondřej Mladý, Ladislav Klauz and Kuba Vencl occupied the subsequent places. The second  qualification round did not bring any changes in the first and second places Hoppensack managed to increase the lead he obtained in the first round. Hatton lost his third place and fell to fifth position, defeated by great rides by Polish and German riders Obukowicz and Henrik Tafel.

The best sixteen riders qualified for the final. The prize was 6000 Euro to be divided between the three best riders. The first round of the race did not change the ranking seen in the qualification. The lead of Hoppensack followed by Zejda and Obukowicz. The best was about to come in the second part of final rides. All riders showed the best they could. Tomáš Zejda spiced up his ride with 360° combinations and one clean tailwhip from a drop over an armoured vehicle. He received the highest points of the day and secured him the first place in the race and thus a golden medal. Hoppensack had to accept the second place which he received with his perfect ride, showing totally clean ride with a tailwhip from a big drop by the river and a great combination of jumps at the consecutive water section built on a special pontoon on the river Otava. Filip Kamidra took a third place with a great barspin on the same drop.

Apart from that Xbox 360 Slopestyle showed many backflips over the dirt obstacles or aromoured vehicles and many other amazing tricks- More than 10 000 visitors were enjoying the atmosphere of the whole race on Pisek square, in Karlova Street and all around the historical city centre.


1. Tomáš Zejda – CZE, 177 points

2. Marius Hoppensack – GER, 176

3. Filip Kamidra – CZE, 166

4. Jan Toth – CZE, 155

5. Bartek Obukowicz – POL, 149

6. Henrik Tafel – GER, 147

7. Maciek Rinzyewicz – POL, 146

8. Ondřej Mladý – CZE, 145

9. Ladislav Klauz – CZE, 144

10. Chris Hatton – FRA, 136

Complete results and more information please stop by at the following website


Ruaridh Cunningham Injury Update

September 20, 2008

In case you didn’t know, 2007 Junior World Champion Ruaridh Cunningham has been racing all season with a severely injured knee. The season has just finished and Ruaridh showed his potential in qualifying at the final round of the World Cup series last week in Schladming placing 10th which as a first year senior with the pressure of coming off his Junior World Championship Gold last year is pretty impressive.

Ruaridh had his knee surgery this week as soon as we got home and called me up from the hospital to tell me everything had gone well. We are looking forward to Ruaridh being fully fit and ready to show us all what he is capable of next season.

Here are a few words from Ruaridh about his knee:

I injured my knee at the end of October 2007 whilst riding downhill at my local track. I immediately went to hospital and was appointed to a physio, after being told my knee was just bruised i continued to ride only for the knee to give way a few weeks later. I then was booked in for an MRI scan and had to wait nearly 2 months for my results to come through. In mid February i found out the full extent of the damage.
Snapped anterior cruciate ligament
torn medial ligament
damaged cartilage
severe bone bruising
As this was mid February i had a month and a half of solid physio to try and get my knee ready for the 2008 season and ride with a motocross style brace to try and support it. As time went on my knee became stronger and i was able to ride xc. My brace came the day before the team left for California giving me no time on my downhill bike before the season started. After struggling throughout the year, i finally had my knee reconstruction on Wednesday the 17th of September. The operation was a success. (although due to my knee popping out when riding the damage was increased) I now have another long programme of physio ahead before i can ride dh, but should be able to start training on a road bike bike by November.
I’m pretty motivated for next year now. I’ll have a good winters training behind me and won’t have to worry about protecting my knee when i ride.

Mountain of Hell/Megavalanche 2009

September 19, 2008

Ride Oisans are now taking bookings for these insane mass-start downhill races in France. Check out their blog and for more details, and also check out Distilled Digital for a report on this year’s events.

Pagey’s Schladming Report

September 17, 2008

Well the long season came to a climax this past weekend in Schladming, Austria with possibly the best track of the year according to most of the riders. There was some upsets and great rides and unfortunately we didn’t have the best of weekends.

First off in qualifying Matt Simmonds had a horrific crash at the top of the course on a high speed section when he was in the air over a big jump and a spectator with a camera stepped out too much into the track. Matt hit the guy while he was still in the air and had a huge crash knocking himself out for about 5 minutes and having to spend the night in hospital with concussion. The spectator was injured worse than Matt and we all hope he is recovering OK.

For the rest of the guys qualifying went pretty good Chris had a mediocre run according to himself to place 9th, Ruaridh had a blinding run for 10th which was his best of the year and what we all know he is capable of and Julien placed 16th with a small crash so all 3 where looking for a top 10 in the final and a podium if not 2.

Anyway lady luck wasn’t with the team this weekend Julien had a bad run and just couldn’t find his flow but ended up 14th and 10th Overall for the season which was amazing really as he didn’t get any points from 2 rounds and was injured at a 3rd.

Ruaridh was on great run and set for his first top 10 finish but just clipped his back wheel on a large root and spat him off and his bike hit him in the head. He got back on and gave the crowd an amazing show on the flat out grass piste section at the bottom of the course with some huge feet up drifts and still finished 37th less than 7 seconds off the top 10.

Chris was fired up at the top of the course and set off looking faster than we have seen him all year as he descended on the big screen but just before the split time which we eagerly awaited to see his time he caught his pedal on a big root and went over the bars and landed hard with his stomach on a big root winding himself really badly and ending his race and his battle for the 5th place overall.

Needless to say we were all a bit disappointed to end the season like that as we had huge goals for our first year and we were very close to achieving them.

To finish off the season with 6th place in the overall team standings and 2 riders in the Worlds top 10 Chris Kovarik 9th and Julien Camellini 10th and the team well and truly established as being one of the major factory teams in just one year I think we have had a pretty successful first year.

We would like to congratulate Sam Blenkinsop for winning his first World Cup race with an amazing ride at the weekend winning qualifying and the Final and also to Greg Minnaar for taking the Men’s Downhill overall World Cup for the 3rd time in his career.

We are already looking forward to next season and with a little more preparation and training we will be back bigger and better next season.

Brendan’s crash

September 15, 2008

Glad he walked away from this one.

Schladming Round-up

September 14, 2008