Rampage Update

Distilled photographer Justin Olsen is out in the Utah wilderness this weekend to bring you the goods on the 2008 Red Bull Rampage. Apparently cell phones aren’t working out there too well so Justin drove into the nearest town to bring you this update…now that’s dedication. Expect more updates over the weekend and a full Distilled Digital article with all the in-depth coverage later next week.

“Yesterday was the first day of practice and most of the day was spent with the riders working on the course, working on the landings and building some different features. Most of the riders are kind of nervous about some of these features that Red Bull have built. Some people are saying that it’s just another slopestyle competition but if you come out here and just stand on some of these wooden ramps and look off of these things, the landings are just ridiculous…people are dropping these 30, 40-foot drops onto knife-edge ridges where if they screw up, they’re going to be rolling off cliffs. It’s definitely not just another slopestyle comp. Later in the afternoon, some guys started riding. Cedric Gracia was the first riders to guinea-pig one of the lower features on the mountain. It’s a big step-down into a  step-up, and after he cleared it a load of other guys started sessioning it. There were a few no-foot cans thrown in but not much more than that. On the qualifier side of the mountain there was a big step-down double that Kelly McGarry, a new up-and-coming rider, was the first to hit right at the end of the day, and he stomped it cleanly. Most of the lines and features remain to be hit, and it seems the riders are working their way up to it. Some of the stuff may just be too big to hit, but we’ll find out at the weekend.”


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