Transition Bank


The latest offering from Transition Bikes is the new alloy Bank hardtail. The Bank represents the evolution of alloy hardtails in a superlight package that is worthy of almost any style of riding. The Bank is skilled at dirt jumping, 4X, Dual Slalom and overall trail shredding. At 4.9lbs it is definitely not a freeride hardtail but in the hands of a skilled rider it can handle almost any type of riding.

“We originally designed this bike because we wanted a light weight, new school, alloy hardtail that could be setup single speed or geared for a variety of disciplines. Since the Trail-or-Park has evolved into a dedicated single speed dirt jumper, we wanted an option for riders looking to run a full selection of standard MTB parts. Our racers were looking for a responsive, geared 4x/DS hardtail with a little more stability than the Trail-or-Park. After prototype testing we found the bike also shined at skate parks, dirt jumps and a bit of trail riding as well. The bike is incredibly responsive due to the stiff frame, dialed geometry and light weight. It is so easy to throw around berms and jumps you almost feel like you are cheating. This bike was not designed to replace our freeride hardtail, the Vagrant, but it is still a worthy option for some trail riding, depending on the rider’s preferences,” says Kevin Menard, co-owner of Transition Bikes.

The Bank features a unique dropout system that allows riders to run gears or singlespeed in a ultra clean package. The rotating axle positioning system is an eccentric design that takes up chain slack as you rotate it. Transition has coined this dropout system C.R.A.P which stands for “Custom Rotating Axle Positioning”. “We’re all pretty stoked on this new C.R.A.P system as it really gives a clean looking rear end of the bike without sacrificing the function for both singlespeed setups and geared setups. We feel this system has alot of merit so don’t be surprised if you start seeing C.R.A.P. on some of our other models in the future,” says Kyle Young, designer of C.R.A.P. and co-owner of Transition Bikes. The design of the bike is rounded out with a once piece CNC’d chainstay yoke for ample tire clearance, standard ISCG tabs, and tapered stays for a clean look. The Bank comes in 3 color options: Red & White Fade, Green or White and 3 sizes all with 13.25″ seat tubes for extra clearance.

Frames are available now! For more information contact your local Transition Bikes Dealer or click here.

Transition Bikes
(360) 366-5123


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