Factory Intense Rigs 2009

From CRC/Intense team manager Nigel Page:

Well after a hectic week of dealing with UPS and customs and Dave and Jason working around the clock building all our bikes they are finally built and I have to say I have never seen better looking bikes. They look fantastic and most importantly very fast! Chain Reaction Cycles have done a great job of getting our graphics done this year to fit the frames, Clayton at Manitou had us some custom blue Dorado graphics made, Hope have made us the blingest matching team blue brakes with the riders names on the levers. The Mavic wheel sets just look so trick, the new Easton Havoc 750 bars are wide enough for the new school but with the same great shape of the older bars. The new Intense frames have come out just as we asked. Jeff Steber has made us the best bikes I think Intense have ever built. After riding for 2 days over the weekend Matt Simmonds said – “The new Intense EVO feels much lighter, faster and with the new adjustability we can get the perfect set up on any course”




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