Kintner and Bryn Privateering for 09

Jill Kintner has set up her own team for the new season, with Bryn Atkinson as a co-rider.


Jill: “I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what is going on for 2009 with sponsorship stuff, so I guess it is time to fill you in… After completing 2008 with an Olympic Bronze medal in BMX, and a successful Re-construction of the ACL ligament in my right knee, 2009 is dedicated to a full return to World Cup mountain biking under a new program.

I have assembled a privateer gig for myself to be able to race mainly 4x and slalom, with Bryn as a satellite member racing a select schedule of Downhill, so that we can continue racing at an elite level while representing sponsors and products of our choice. With any new business or campaign, the initial start up takes a ton of work, especially in this economy, but the benefits and personal fulfillment have been worth the adversity. I am super proud of the overall look and feel of what I created with this package, and can’t wait to unveil the bikes (tomorrow), final helmet, sprinter design , and new website :).

I am grateful for long lasting relationships within the industry, continued support, as well as
this opportunity to work and grow with several new companies!! A fresh start is the best thing sometimes,, Intense bikes ride like a dream, and I am confident in my preparation…

Game on….”


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