Sea Otter Mini-Repo


From Claire Buchar/Kovarik: “Well the 2009 round of the Sea Otter Classic is over. Phew!
The weather was very hot days and very cold nights and dry and that made it much more fun. It also made for a loose, dusty Dual Slalom on Saturday, everyone was going down and the berms were disappearing fast. Aboard my new Intense Tazer, I was able to post a 4th place qualifier and then finish 5th in the finals. Oh my legs were burning by the end of the day!

Sunday was the DH, well I guess you can call it that. But it was alright, there are some fun jumps on the track and the flat pedally bits that make up the rest of the track just makes it super challenging. I had a not perfect but solid run to put me on the podium in 4th. I think my lungs are still bleeding though and I sound like I have a frog in my throat. Just need a good nights sleep! Overall a good weekend and glad I came. Get to go home to Whistler for 10 days now, woohoo! I am so excited to see my cat! Thanks again to our sponsors and thanks Marshy for your hard work and terrible driving.” Claire



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