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Pietermaritzburg Success Story

May 29, 2009


The International Cycling Union (UCI) has given high praise in its final report on the recent Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, sponsored by DCM Chrome, held last month in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

The UCI’s comprehensive 15-page report on the most prestigious cycling event ever held in Africa, heaped praise on the organisers, the city of Pietermaritzburg, the region of KwaZulu-Natal and the South African mountain biking community for the successful staging of the new event, a strong indication the event will be re-awarded to Pietermaritzburg in 2010.


Transition Covert

May 28, 2009

covert large

Transition Bikes re-defines all-mountain genre with an all new Covert
Moving forward into a new realm of design, Transition Bikes has completely revamped the existing Covert all mountain bike to create a new 6-inch travel quiver-killing bike capable of more aggressive riding. The new Covert sports a refined frame at the same weight as the old model, but is significantly stronger. The new frame comes in at a respectable 6.7 lbs without rear shock, and builds up to a 28-32 lb bike made for efficient long days in the saddle
At the core of the Covert is a completely new proprietary tubeset designed by Transition Bikes. The new tubes create a stronger frame with better contact points for welding shock mounts, pivots, and the headtube. In addition to the new tubes Transition has created a one piece CNCd rocker link to increase stiffness and strength, as well as new dropouts and chainstay/seatstay yokes. All these new features not only add to the aesthetics of the bike but increase strength while shedding weight.

Rear suspension is handled by the Fox RP23 large volume or DHX 5.0 Air. The shock rate on the Covert is slightly progressive with only a 2.8% change throughout the stroke. This allows for consistent feel throughout the travel and allows for easy tuning and setup of the shock.  As the Covert goes through its travel, the leverage decreases slightly and allows the natural progressiveness of the air shock to ramp up and soak up large bumps and hits. This also gives the bike excellent small bump sensitivity and feel at the top of the stroke while allowing the rider to use the travel without a harsh bottom out.

Alongside the  structural refinement, the geometry has progressed to be modeled around a 160mm singlecrown fork, such as a Fox 36 or Lyric. The new geometry maintains the all mountain roots of the old Covert which was very climb friendly and nimble, but gets slackened out just a bit to make room for the larger fork without raising the BB. Geometry and fit is everything in a bike and that is why we did not change the geo and sizing too much on the Covert. We really felt like we hit some perfect numbers on the Covert and our customers loved it.  On the re-design we made sure to maintain that magic fit and feel that we loved about the bike, says Kyle Young, owner of Transition Bikes.

 When we released the Covert we were really going for a lightweight all mountain only frame but soon found our customers putting larger forks on the bikes and pushing the limits of the design. Most of these customers are people that can only have one bike but love to pedal singletrack and also hit more aggressive freeride trails. They needed a  bike that could handle both. Our solution was to make the Covert work for both worlds without the weight penalty. The reality is that mountain bikes are expensive and while most riders would love to have a full quiver of bikes, they can only afford one bike that needs to do everything, says Kevin Menard, owner of Transition Bikes.
Additional features include internal chainstay cable routing which is super easy to setup and change the housing and a tapered headtube which allows for excellent weld contact for the top and down tubes as well as providing lower stack heights for the handlebar and fork. Transition Bikes will also be releasing a headset for sale with the frame for both tapered and traditional 1-1/8 inch steer tubes.
Transition plans to be shipping the Coverts by early June just in time for prime riding conditions

Lisbon Downtown video from Trek

May 27, 2009

Distilled Digital: La Bresse

May 25, 2009

PDF format (best viewing quality) click here: WC2


Presented by Mongoose Bikes –

Distilled Digital: Houffalize

May 19, 2009

PDF format (best viewing quality) click here: houffalize


Sammy Binning It

May 18, 2009

Vallnord Day 3 from MTBCut

May 17, 2009

Peaty Wins Again

May 17, 2009

Peaty, Gee, Minnaar, Hannah, then Leov in Vallnord, Andorra. Hill crashes out to come in in 31st, after going faster than everyone over the majority of the course. 17 WC wins for Peaty, a new record.

Full results here: vallnordresults

Standings after 3 rounds: standingsafter3

Vallnord Update

May 17, 2009

So day 2 of the UCI World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra. The weather is scorching hot with clear skies as qualifying begins with many people still changing lines looking to save every millisecond possible. Riders such as Adam Brayton breaking bones as well as parts.13:00 qualifying begins starting with the fastest woman of La Bresse Tracy Mosely qualifying with a time of 2:52.78. Followed by Sabrina Jonnier, beating Tracey at every split meant that she would get an exceptional time of 2:50.50 which would remain unbeaten for the rest of the qualifying session. It wasnt looking good for the Americans with only Melissa Buhl qualifying down in 15th with a time of 3:10.66 a massive 20.16 seconds off the pace.  The French did well with 7 of their riders qualifying.

Top 10 women qualifying

  1. Sabrina Jonnier 2:50.50
  2. Tracey Moseley 2:52.78
  3. Emmeline Ragot 2:53,25
  4. Floraine Pugin 2:57.91
  5. Celine Gros 2.58.44
  6. Myraim Nicole 2:59.17
  7. Mio Suemasa 2:59.35
  8. Katy Curd 3:02.70
  9. Emilie Siegenthaler 3:02.97
  10. Anais Pajot 3″02.97

In the men’s qualifying, Sam Hill qualified first even though his chain came off half way down, looks like he’s favourite for tomorows final. Duncan Riffle and Kyle Strait had a poor qualifying run landing them 26th and 27th 7.5 seconds off the pace. It was even worse for Kevin Aiello, Brit’ Arran Gannicott managing to knock him out of qualifying by 0.01 of a second. Adam Brayton managed to put in an outstanding performance with a broken wrist he managed to get 58th.

Top 10 men qualifying

  1. Sam Hill 2:26.45
  2. Gee Atherton 2:26.83
  3. Steve Peat 2:28.38
  4. Greg Minnaar 2:28.76
  5. Nick Beer 2:29.36
  6. Mickael Pascal 2:29.48
  7. Steve Smith 2:29.94
  8. Andrew Neethling 2:30.09
  9. Justin Leov 2:30.56
  10. Chris Kovarik 2:30.78

Stay tuned for the race results and photos
Charles Robertson

Vallnord Qualifying

May 16, 2009

Sam, Gee, Peaty, Minnaar and….Switzerland’s Nick Beer? Congrats!

Qualifying results click here: vallnordqualifying

Nick Beer

Nick Beer racing the iXS Cup.