Vallnord Update

So day 2 of the UCI World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra. The weather is scorching hot with clear skies as qualifying begins with many people still changing lines looking to save every millisecond possible. Riders such as Adam Brayton breaking bones as well as parts.13:00 qualifying begins starting with the fastest woman of La Bresse Tracy Mosely qualifying with a time of 2:52.78. Followed by Sabrina Jonnier, beating Tracey at every split meant that she would get an exceptional time of 2:50.50 which would remain unbeaten for the rest of the qualifying session. It wasnt looking good for the Americans with only Melissa Buhl qualifying down in 15th with a time of 3:10.66 a massive 20.16 seconds off the pace.  The French did well with 7 of their riders qualifying.

Top 10 women qualifying

  1. Sabrina Jonnier 2:50.50
  2. Tracey Moseley 2:52.78
  3. Emmeline Ragot 2:53,25
  4. Floraine Pugin 2:57.91
  5. Celine Gros 2.58.44
  6. Myraim Nicole 2:59.17
  7. Mio Suemasa 2:59.35
  8. Katy Curd 3:02.70
  9. Emilie Siegenthaler 3:02.97
  10. Anais Pajot 3″02.97

In the men’s qualifying, Sam Hill qualified first even though his chain came off half way down, looks like he’s favourite for tomorows final. Duncan Riffle and Kyle Strait had a poor qualifying run landing them 26th and 27th 7.5 seconds off the pace. It was even worse for Kevin Aiello, Brit’ Arran Gannicott managing to knock him out of qualifying by 0.01 of a second. Adam Brayton managed to put in an outstanding performance with a broken wrist he managed to get 58th.

Top 10 men qualifying

  1. Sam Hill 2:26.45
  2. Gee Atherton 2:26.83
  3. Steve Peat 2:28.38
  4. Greg Minnaar 2:28.76
  5. Nick Beer 2:29.36
  6. Mickael Pascal 2:29.48
  7. Steve Smith 2:29.94
  8. Andrew Neethling 2:30.09
  9. Justin Leov 2:30.56
  10. Chris Kovarik 2:30.78

Stay tuned for the race results and photos
Charles Robertson


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