Fort William Day 1 Update

I arrived in Fort William after a 7 hour train journey, just in time to catch the end of the 4X practice and the qualifying. The weather was constantly changing making hard work for the photographers and the riders. We walked up the track whilst being attacked by midges to see how the practice runs where going; everybody seemed to be enjoying the track, seeing the big riders sending the famous lower quad. as the qualifying started the heavens opened and the weather got worse with heavy rain making the rocky sections even more slippery, but everyone still rode it as it was dry. All the big names where out like Graves, Dan Atherton, Kintner etc making the track look as smooth as a baby’s arse.

Women’s qualifying.

The women came down first just before the weather turned, racing a slightly dryer track than the men. Jill Kintner from the USA took full advantage of the dry track taking the win in the qualifying.


1 Jill Kintner USA 41.49
2 Anneke Beerten NED 43.19
3 Caroline Buchanan AUS 43.19
4 Melissa Buhl USA 43.39
5 Jana Horakova CZE 43.86

Men’s qualifying.

The first man down was Graves; we were standing up near the top and saw him pedal towards us, railing the berms and scrubbing speed on the jumps. The rest of the men followed him down in the same sort of style with a few guys inevitably having a few spills. There were a few riders complaining about the sudden weather changes, blowing the riders across their lines on the upper jumps making the following corner, which was already tight, even more difficult to get around.


1 Joost Wichman NED 37.68
2 Roger Rinderknecht SUI 37.77
3 Jared Graves AUS 38.30
4 Dan Atherton GBR 38.80
5 Guido Tschugg GER 38.98

Charles Robertson


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