Fort William DH Finals

The weather stayed dry overnight and not a drop of rain came down during race day, making the track dry and dusty. Some of the top corners where causing problems with a lot of riders drifting into them and losing control through the mounting piles of loose dust. Sunday practice got underway, with all the riders trying to squeeze as many last minute runs in as they could before their race runs. The crowd today even topped the crowd from the previous day; we were watching the finals from close to the top of the course and we could here the crowd at the bottom cheering the whole time as riders passed the finish line.

Men’s final:

Watching the race runs from the top showed how hard and rough the track can be;  we could see flat tyres, broken wheels and even snapped brake levers on the passing bikes as each rider pushed as hard as they could to get the fastest time. Greg Minnaar had strong support from home cheering him on, and he didn’t disapoint them, taking the win in the final by almost 1.5 seconds.

1 Greg Minnaar RSA 4:38.98

2 Sam Hill AUS 4:40.43

3 Sam Blenkinsop NZL 4:41.85

4 Gee Atherton GBR 4:41.97

5 Michael Hannah AUS 4:43.13

Steve Peat may have missed out on the podium, but he is still ahead on points for the overall.

Women’s final:

 Sabrina Jonnier of France was the last woman on the hill. She came down and took the win comfortably, having looked fast all weekend and also winning qualifying, taking home lots of points towards the overall.

1 Sabrina Jonnier FRA 5:17.65

2 Emmeline Ragot FRA 5:26.67

3 Celine Gros FRA 5:30.60

4 Floriane Pugin FRA 5:31.35

5 Myriam Nicole FRA 5:31.75

French riders dominated the womens finals with all five podium finishes coming from a French rider.

Charles Robertson –

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