Kintner and Ropelato Nat’l 4X Champs

From USA Cycling: 

The evening at SolVista provided plenty of entertainment, crowning the 4-cross pro and category one men’s and women’s national title winners. It was no surprise that it came down to Kintner and 2008 World Champion Melissa Buhl (Chandler, Ariz./KHS) in the women’s pro 4-cross race. It was however an exciting surprise to see up-and-comer Ropelato take the win over a stacked pro men’s field, including silver medalist, veteran Rich Houseman (Temecula, Calif./Intense). 

Pro Men’s 4-Cross

1. Mitch Ropelato (Ogden, Utah/Café Rio-Canfield Bros)

2. Rich Houseman (Temecula, Calif./Intense)

3. Brian Buell (Boulder, Colo./Team Geronimo)


Pro Women’s 4-Cross

1. Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash./GT)

2. Melissa Buhl (Chandler, Ariz./KHS)

3. Kathy Pruitt (Santa Cruz, Calif./Jamis)


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