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OGK Beta Review

September 30, 2009


Distilled’s UK faction recently got hold of an OGK Kabuto “Beta” helmet from the boys in Japan, for a world exclusive test run. Here’s what Charles Robertson had to say:

“So we have just received the OGK DH Beta Carbon for a world exclusive test. Here are some facts for you all: the helmet weight is 950 grams, it is Snell tested and is on sale only in Japan (as it isn’t CE tested) for roughly £350. So we gave it to our test riders Liam Little and Luke Irving to see what they thought. First impressions on the Beta Carbon are that it is very minimalist; it’s clean, light and feels very comfortable on. The closest thing I can really compare it to is my 08 spec Troy Lee carbon D2 and, despite the stated weights, the OGK definitely seems to be the lighter of the two. The designs have some similarities but there are more vents and a bit more of an edge to the look of the OGK, the blank carbon look is awesome and leaves the window open for personal paint jobs. The fact that this compact designed helmet has a Snell certificate I think is a massive advantage over other helmets on the market, but with a £350 price tag it does seem a little pricy.


After riding while wearing the Beta for 2 days I was impressed with how comfortable it was and that it didn’t move at all even under big compressions. I felt the front could do with a larger vent to allow more air in as the front of the helmet is quite close to your face. Also the beading around the helmet started to peel off after a day of riding (not sure if this is made for easy removable to spray the helmet or just cheap glue). That said I think the OGK DH Beta is an awesome looking helmet that is very comfortable but with the problems I experienced I would be a little disappointed if I had just bought if for £350. In all, an great helmet with some minor superficial issues which, if remedied, would bump it up that extra notch to “excellent”.



Distilled Digital: Dennis Yuroshek

September 29, 2009

PDF format (best viewing quality)>>>  DennisYuroshek


Red Bull Downtown Brazil

September 27, 2009

Red Bull just held a downhill street race through the favelas of Brazil, and by all accounts it was one of the best Downtown races ever. Evil’s Filip Polc won the event, with Brazilian Marcus Berchtold in second and Animal/Commencal’s Dan Atherton in third. Gee apparently flatted 20 seconds into his run.

September 23, 2009


The highly respected mountain bike filmmaker and documentarian, Clay Porter, has launched a new web site this week that gives fans and the clients he serves, a much better interface for his work and upcoming projects.

Coinciding with the launch of the web site is the change of company name from Distinction Productions to “Clay Porter Productions”. This is mainly due to the value that has been built into the name Clay Porter in recent years, especially with the release of the movies “The Tipping Point”, “F1RST” and “Between The Tape”. With these movies, and in recent months “The Atherton Project” with regular webisodes seen around the world, Clay has set the benchmark in the filmmaking of Mountain Bike Downhill Racing and inspired a whole new generation of filmmakers. The web site aims to represent the work done by Clay as the sport’s only real documentarian, as well as provide further information on upcoming work and show off new trailers and sneak previews.

Clay Porter said: “The news section will be a blog about my current work, films that inspire me and anything else that I feel is worth mentioning. I also have a “Randoms” section that covers things that inspire me away from bike and things that I think are rad.” Future content for the site will see Clay editing the demo reel for Clay Porter Productions this fall and of course regular updates in the news section.

Clay would like to thank Craig Grant for the incredible work done in designing the site and doing such a great job on all of Clay’s recent design projects, as well as all of his long term sponsors that continue to support his films year after year.

Check out the site now!

Schladming Finals Video from Tri-Ride

September 22, 2009

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MTBcut DH Finals

September 20, 2009

Hill Takes Schladming and Overall

September 20, 2009

Incredible action from Schladming today. Hill takes the win as well as the overall, two Americans make the top ten, and Atherton and Barel have minor crashes putting them way back into the teens. Top ten went like this: Hill, Blenkinsop, Minnaar, Gwin, Fairclough, Leov, Peat, Bryceland, Strobel and Pascal. Pics to follow.

MTBcut Schladming DH Final Practice and 4X

September 20, 2009

4X World Cup Champs

September 20, 2009


Jared Graves


Anneke Beerten

Photos: Charles Robertson

DH Qualifying

September 19, 2009

From Charles Robertson: “So downhill qualifications, I wasn’t really amped for it like I usually am, but that all changed with the first man down : Sam Hill. The sound of Dan Jarvis’ voice cheering him on gave me goose bumps. Hill came flying past and I almost missed him. He set a time of 4:01, not knowing if this is fast or not as there was no basis of comparison. Next man down was Greg Minnaar, he seemed to be a fair bit down on Sam. Then before Greg managed to cross the finish line Steve was in sight hunting him down. Greg crossed the line in second, Steve swiftly follows in 3rd down by 10 seconds. With Gee winning a couple of years ago a lot of people had their eye on him but it was not to be; he slipped out of the top 5. Now for those of you who dont know, Needles had 3 broken bones in his hand which he got courtesy of the World Champs. With that in mind he said he was going to stroll down as he hadn’t had a full run nor did he want to damage himself before the final. 25 seconds behind Sam I would say that wasn’t bad going. A lot of people say if Brendog Gazillionaire hadn’t crashed last year he was on for the win. I can see what they meant; he qualified 3rd just a mere 3 seconds off the top spot. Blinky would have had last year’s win in his mind, qualifying in fith means he has some work to do. Barrell was the 10th man down after speeking to him 2 days ago he said he’s got no injuryies to hold him back. This means that there could be a possibility of a repeat of Maribor and with 2nd place he’s proved he’s got the pace. My prediction for tomorrow will mirror the top 3 in qualifiying yesterday.”