Schladming Update #2

Distilled’s Charles Robertson hasn’t even reached Austria yet and the drinking and soft porn has already started. God help us.
“So 23:00, Mr Valentine from arrived. After chatting with him for an hour or so, we decided it was bed time. The cold marble floor looked so tempting (not), so after 10 minutes of lying down I thought I would pass, so went on the wander. As luck would have it, I bumped into mono (Aaron Bartlett), the maker of ‘foot out, flat out’, and soon to be ‘foot out, flat out 2’, which he’s hooking us up with a copy of. It got to 04:00, time for check in. Swiftly through check in (with everything in my pockets as I’ve only got hand lugage). Time for Weatherspoons (UK chain of pubs)- Strongbow and blackcurrant whilst checking out Rosie Huntington Whiteley on google images – pwahhhh. So time for the 90 minute flight with Milky (Jacob Gibbins) constantly commenting about the wings falling off! We’re in Austria, Salzburg to be precise – now for the 2 trains to Schladming, then its drinking time. More to come – stay tuned !!!”

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