More Schladming Pics

From the lens of Charles Robertson.


MTBcut’s Joe Barnes – 36th in today’s quali.

scblinky 2

Blinky takes a breather, and would eventually take 5th in qualifying.

scblinky 3

Blinky in his quali run….1st last year, 5th this year. The finals will be close.

scDanny Hart 1

34th in qualifying for junior ripper Danny Hart.


Precious points earned in the race for the overall, Hill took first spot with nemesis Minnaar down in 19th after a crash.


Neethling, still injured after a crash in Canberra, put in an impressive 59th place quali run.


Matt Simmonds of CRC. 81st here, expect much bigger things in the final.

scSabrina Jonnier

Sabrina just lost out to Floriane Pugin for 1st.

sctracy 2

Tracy way off the pace in 7th.

scwyn masters crash p1

Talented Kiwi Wyn Masters milliseconds before crashing.


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