Overdrive Media Group

“OverDrive Media Group focuses on making short films based on the action sport of freeride and downhill mountain biking, and is owned by Felix van Oost and Vivian Viljoen, two 15-year-old mountain bikers who are passionate about riding and showcasing the sport, which we consider a way of life, to the rest of the world in stunning high definition video by capturing the emotions and memories of a great days’ riding.”

2009 Season Recap

The 2009 riding season has officially ended for OverDrive, and it’s been quite an eventful one. This was our first season – it was only a short while ago, in June, that myself and my friend Vivian created OverDrive at the age of 15. In the 4 months that OverDrive has been running, we’ve released 3 videos, created a website which is ever-increasing in popularity, and have plans for many new projects in 2010 as well as other things such as merchandise.

Our first video was filmed in July 2008. It was named 2WO FO4R ZER0, standing for 2 Riders, 4 Locations, and Zero Gravity. We spent a week filming in Verbier, Switzerland, and planned to shoot in 3 other locations in Germany. However, the project stalled after shooting in Switzerland due to exams and bad weather, and we only resumed work on it in April 2009. A month before we were set to film at the other locations, Vivian told me he was moving to South Africa – in 4 days’ time. We frantically got back to work and filmed the Hamburg, Germany segment (one of the local spots) in a matter of hours, after which Vivian had to pack his bike up for the move. Vivian leaving meant that we couldn’t go to the other locations in time, so we had to leave 2WO FO4R ZER0 as it was. Editing took me almost 3 weeks as I had never edited a video in my life, and it took a while to learn from scratch. It was finally released late May this year, 10 months after we first started filming. In the end, 2WO FO4R ZER0 never really worked, but it did make me determined to make some better videos. It taught me a lot, and I gathered all the criticism about it to see how I could improve in the future.

We created OverDrive Media Group in early June after seeing how much fun we had filming and making 2WO FO4r ZER0 together. Our website was released the same day we created OverDrive, now http://www.overdrivemediagroup.com, and thus another tiny little filming company created by two teenagers was born.

Fast forward 3 months and OverDrive had released its second video. This time it was only me, seeing as Vivian was on another continent. I filmed Felix van Oost – Riding 2009 in 6 full days, riding and filming at the same time. I carried my new tripod in my backpack, which stuck out by a good 80cm, and had to ride the World Cup level trails on the mountain with it banging against my helmet to get to the area I wanted to shoot. The stares I got from a lot of people were priceless… Making a video on my own was not easy, especially with body armour and low oxygen from the altitude, meaning I would get out of breath quickly whilst moving the camera up and down parts of the mountain. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I just wanted to give up. I was however determined to make a better video than the first one, and this it turned out to be. Felix van Oost – Riding 2009 has had almost double the amount of views of 2WO FO4R ZER0 on the popular MTB site PinkBike.com. The figures are minute compared to the better videos on there, but I was still quite proud of myself considering my amateurism.

Last week, I decided that I had to end the OverDrive Media Group season somehow. I knew that I wouln’t be making any more videos for OverDrive until 2010, so I decided to put all the best shots from the year (and 2008 really) together and make a short Demo Reel. And short it is – under 2 minutes long, which clearly shows me that most of the hours of footage we had gathered over the year wasn’t very good. I also decided to experiment with some new techniques in editing for the titles, examples of which are featured in the Demo Reel. The 2009 Demo Reel was released only a few days ago, and the feedback has generally been positive, so here it is for all to see.

What’s unique about OverDrive is our age – I think that because of this our point of view is different to anyone elses’ in the sport, so we have unique stories to tell, and this is what I hope will make our future videos entertaining to watch. We hope 2010 will allow us to bring you some much better projects, and we can’t wait for the next season to begin! The latest news about our projects and many other things will be featured on http://www.overdrivemediagroup.com


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