Commencal Sponsorship 2010

Commencal Grassroots Program

Commencal is now accepting resumes for 2010 sponsorship.  We are looking for top talent for our 2010 Grassroots program.  If you think that you have what it takes send your resume or video to or mail it to:

Commencal Grassroots
1216 Mercantile Road
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Commencal is proud to build the best race bikes in the world, and is looking for the best riders to spread that vibe in the US.  In your resume please include:
•    What discipline you race, and what Commencal model would best suit you.
•    What level are you racing? Past race results?
•    Goals for the future?
•    Age?
•    Hometown?
•    How will you represent Commencal in 2010?
•    What do you do in your area to help the sport grow?

Please make sure to provide a return address and email. Deadline 12/31/09


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