Banshee Legend MkII

UK pro downhiller Adam Brayton is riding for Banshee for 2010 (Mythic in the UK), and recently took delivery of his 2010 rig, the Legend MkII. Charles Robertson was on hand to document him getting familiar with his new ride, and Adam gave us a brief account of his impressions of the bike.

“The Legend Mk II is such an awesome machine! The bike feels so balanced and light, it has so much grip and holds lines I didn’t think were possible. The geometry is perfect; the bike is nice and low so it corners like no other. Another thing is how it picks up speed and, even if you lose it in a section, it soon gets it back. ‘I’m sure it has a throttle! I’m running the new Cane Creek rear shock and it lives up to the hype and more! I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time on the bike to get it dialed in leading up to this year’s season.”

All photos Charles Robertson/

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