CG back on the bike

After one year none racing , I am back on the track and happy to be on the bike 100 %, it will be 10 months I get my surgery, thanks to my doctor and Miguel my trainer who make me work hard to be back where I am now !  “Everything is possible” he always told me during 10 months! Thanks Miguel

This weekend was the first event of the CG Racing BRIGADE in Sant Andreu de la Barca, the weekend was full of fun for me! I could ride my new Santa Cruz V10, new suspension Rock, and a lot more of course like my new protection gear O Neal ! I was like a kid in a candy shop : )  I could work as well with Kevin my mechanic and X1 Racing Suspension to do some tuning on the suspension during the practice. Well, like I say all those good things make the weekend so much fun more than a normal race. I finish 6th and really pleased about it because the times was so tight. I am really happy how the BRIGADE is running and I feel good for the next events!  Thanks to all the fan who were here to see the first event of the BRIGADE, it means a lot to me : )

As well to all my sponsors who make the team alive!

Special thanks to KEV, JEROME, FRANCOIS, ESTEBAN who make that weekend funny and relax!

The sergeant, Cedric Gracia


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