The Kovariks win Aussie round 4

Round 4 of the Australian National Series took place this past weekend in Canberra, bringing the series to an end until next year.

Even though the wind was not as much of a factor than it was during the Worlds, the track was running a bit slower. There had been a lot of rain in the area during the previous couple weeks so there were a lot more ruts and rocks where dirt had washed away. This and the fact that a lot of the lips of jumps were worn down, made it a bit harder and more of an effort to link everything up. But it was fun. I love the jumps, especially the triple-triple near the end. When you can get it good, it feels awesome!

But I swear, no matter how hard you train or not, nothing prepares you for that huge sprint to the finish. Brutal! But good pain….

Chris and I both stood on top of the podium again, ending the off-season on a high note.

Round 4 – Canberra Downhill results

Elite Men

1.Chris Kovarik (QLD) – 2:34.84

2.Ben Cory (ACT) – 2:37.16

3.Shaun O’Connor (NSW) – 2:37.16

Elite Women

1.Claire Buchar (QLD) – 3:08.12

2.Claire Whiteman (ACT) – 3:18.70

3.Leigh Douglas (TAS) – 3:20.60


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