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Leigh by the Sea

April 29, 2010

From Stikman: Did I set any world records in late press releases? So here it is 2 weeks after the otter and just getting this out to all of Leigh’s sponsors and media, its old news, but news worth telling.

Dual Slalom:
This was the first race and actual first time in the dirt for Leigh and her new Intense TazerVP, it appears to have worked well, she qualified 5th. Considering a few factors were against Leigh in going up against 4 other world champions who finished in front of her (Kintner, Atherton, Jonnier and Buhl), Leigh was the oldest competitor in the field at 38, 10 years or more ahead of the rest of the girls…and all the other crap about her being a mom and retail business owner who stands in high heels all day at her shop.

“The slalom was so much fun, kind of funny it has not changed much since the last time I raced it in 2004. The best I have ever done is 2nd place here, 2 times, in 98′ and 2001′ so it certainly is not my ideal track but I rode well and after watching the other girls I knew it would be SO HARD to go that fast. My bikes this year are the best I have ever ridden in almost 20 years of racing, it is nice to be in the position to race for fun and pick the parts I WANT to ride”

1. Jill Kintner 29 USA
2. Rachel Atherton 23 GBR
3. Sabrina Jonnier 29 FRA
4. Melissa Buhl 28
6. Kathy Pruitt 28 USA
7. Tracey Mosely 31 GBR
8. Anneke Beerten 28 NDR

Leigh was a bit tired from racing the slalom the night before, but probably not as tired as the girls who made it to the final rounds so it was time to suit up and go for it. The Otter downhill was another event that was not Leigh’s specialty, her best results here are a 3rd in 2000 and a bunch of other crappy results here on the DH that she’d rather not mention. “I did some runs with my old team mate Brian Lopes in the morning and I think that is pretty much the reason I did so well today, he got me up to speed and I knew all the places I had to pedal. I really had SO much fun riding with all my old friends, and it felt like the mid 90’s when I did ride with Brian. Getting 5th place was like winning for me, no matter how nonchalant everyone is, I tried hard, I know everyone else did and I am stoked with my result, heck, I was only 1/100th off Jonnier for 4th place, does this mean I can podium world cups by getting podium at the gnarly sea otter track!!? hahahaha.”

1. Melissa Buhl 28 USA
2. Rachel Atherton 23 GBR
3. Tracey Mosely 31 GBR
4. Sabrina Jonnier 29 FRA
6. Jill Kintner 29 USA
7. Fionn Griffiths 28 GBR
8. Joanna Peterson 31 RSA
9. Kathy Pruitt 28 USA
10. Claire Buchar 32 CAN

So, thats that. Leigh will be headed to another race soon, she is just not sure where yet…informative isn’t it?
Thanks for being a fan and thanks for the support. Stikman

Contact Leigh for any info on her clinics or coaching


Mount Etna – Volcano Downhill Racing

April 29, 2010

Thanks to the guys at for sending this one over.

Trek World Racing: In Pursuit

April 28, 2010

This is the teaser for TWR’s new video series. Most of the big companies are now making video diaries of their teams’ exploits which can only be a good thing for the fans. Check it out:

Pro GRT Report, via Transition

April 27, 2010

Following Jill’s huge win in the Dual Slalom at the Sea Otter Classic, the Transition Racing program followed up with two huge podium’s at the season openening round of the Pro GRT in Port Angeles, Wa. The GRT series is shaping up to be the premiere domestic race series, with the largest turnout of Factory teams and riders seen in ages. The competition was fierce, and the conditions were perfect. Attending teams included Transition Factory Racing, Commencal, Yeti/Fox, Giant, Santa Cruz Syndicate, Evil Bikes, Dirt/Norco, and a plethera of regional teams. Bryn and Jill quickly marked their territory with First and Third place qualifying positions on Saturday evening. With many World Cup athletes and champions in both the mens and womens fields such as , the team knew they were fgoing to have to step it up for the finals come Sunday. The Transition TR-450’s equipped with FOX Racing Shox suspension, Shimano Saint brakes and drivetrain, KORE bars stems and saddles, Crankbrothers wheels and pedals, Maxxis tires and tubes, ODI grips, e.thirteen chain device, Cane Creek headset, and Cadenceworks titanium hardwarewere functioning flawlessly.  Come Sunday morning, the skies were partly cloudy, the dirt was perfect, and the team was ready. In the end Jill followed up with her third place qualifier with another solid third place in the finals behind Tracey Mosely and Rachel Atherton, and Bryn stormed through the finish to take the Pro men’s win ahead of Justin Leov and Luke Strobel.

Bryn says “I’m stoked I could put together 2 solid runs and come out on top! This is a great warm up for the first World Cup round in Maribor in a few weeks. I really had to push it in both the Qualifiers and Finals to make sure I could take it. There were so many fast guys here No one really knew how it would end up. Looking forward to continuing this into Maribor aye!”

Jill says “Anyway, I can’t tell you how rad it was in the Pro Women’s class to have Top World Cup riders; Rachel Atherton, Tracy Mosley, Mellissa Buhl, ect., in attendance. 16 Women in all, which is a really good turnout. I couldn’t see any of the other girls’ run,,, but my run was pretty good, couple stalls, but decent. Can’t expect perfection in Downhill. I had so much fun riding the track it didn’t matter. Anyway, Tracy is riding strong on a rough track like this and took the big W with a 2:50, Rachel had a 2:53 with a bruised up hand, and I was pretty close with a 2:56. Not bad…I was really excited to get to race these girls, I respect them a lot. Good to know I’m somewhat in the mix for DH:).”
Bryn Atkinson (USA)     2m 34.39secs
Justin Leov (Trek World Racing)     2m 35.20secs
Luke Strobel (USA)     2m 36.48secs
Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing)     2m 36.71secs
Dan Atherton (GBR)     2m 36.93secs
Dan Stanbridge (GBR) 2m:37.55sec
Danny Hart  (GBR)  2m:38.15sec
Aaron Gwin (USA)     2m 37.06secs
Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing)     2m 38.41secs
Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing)     2m 50.82secs
Rachel Atherton (GBR)     2m 53.07secs
Jill Kintner (USA)     2m 56.16secs
Melissa Buhl (USA)     3m 03.26secs
Jacqueline Harmony (USA)     3m 07.43secs

Transition Racing is supported by FOX Racing Shox, Crankbrothers, Dakine, KORE, Maxxis, Shimano, THE, ODI, 5.10, e.13, Jetlites, Cadenceworks, Jagwire, Cane Creek, Kinetic, Feedback Sports, Contour HD, and Lezyne.

Pro GRT report, via Trek

April 26, 2010

Trek World Racing ventured north from the Sea Otter Classic in California, to race yesterday’s opening round of the Pro Gravity Tour, the premiere US series for downhill racing, in Port Angeles, Washington. It seems that TWR was not the only large World Cup team to elect to race, and support this growing US series, as was evident by the start list. Also racing were Commencal, Yeti/Fox, Giant, Santa Cruz Syndicate, Evil Bikes, Dirt/Norco, among others.

All four Trek World Racing riders loved the track. Fast and slick at times, narrow in places, and generally very fast. The local crowd too was super supportive of all the World Cup stars that had made the trip to the opening round.

In the women’s race Tracy Moseley was up against a world class field and managed to edge out 2nd placed Rachel Atherton (GBR) by more than 2 seconds on the sub 3 minute track. Melissa Buhl (USA), the winner last week at Sea Otter, had to settle for 4th.

In the men’s field, all three Trek World Racing riders qualified on the same second, in the top 6, and all knew they had to step it up for the finals, yet the conditions were tricky with rain coming and going over the weekend. The track was slick and the margin for error very small indeed. In the end all three finished inside the top 10 of a stacked field, with Justin taking 2nd place.

Tracy said: “It was great to be back racing in a US National Series! We’ve been made so welcome here in Port Angeles and the track was the perfect preparation for the World Cup season – flat out all the way! It was the first real test for me and the bike this year with a big women’s field on a proper downhill, so I was really happy to take the win ahead of Rachel. A great start to the season and a great start for the team with the boys all getting great results. Bring on Maribor!”

Justin said: “Fun weekend and bloody close racing! I really felt good on the bike today, it was working damn good, and I felt so comfortable on the Maxxis High Rollers on the slightly slick conditions. It was super tight racing today and with a quality field, so I’m glad to have ridden well and more importantly to have got some quality time on the bike before the World Cups start. Congrats to Bryn (Atkinson) today, he rode super well. The crowd atmosphere here in the North West was awesome, I’ll definitely be back!”

Andrew said: “Practice went well for me, and I felt really good on the bike. Quali was solid but I knew I had a bit more. I had a pretty good final and pushed hard but knew I lost momentum in a spot or two. I’m very happy to be on the box with a stacked field heading into Maribor.”

Neko said: “The track was really fast and fun to ride. In practice I crashed into a tree and bruised my shoulder but I was OK to race. I just didn’t do any risky full speed runs until race time. I had a great qualifying run into 6th. The track seemed to be rolling about 3 seconds quicker in the final so my plan was to do another solid run like my qualifying run but push a little harder to try and crack the top 5. I ended up making a few crucial mistakes trying to take off time in the technical sections. I ended up 9th which wasn’t too bad. I’m still healthy and have learned a lot from this weekend’s experience.

Team website: Results:


1. Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) 2m 50.82secs 2. Rachel Atherton (GBR) 2m 53.07secs 3. Jill Kintner (USA) 2m 56.16secs 4. Melissa Buhl (USA) 3m 03.26secs 5. Jacqueline Harmony (USA) 3m 07.43secs


1. Bryn Atkinson (USA) 2m 34.39secs 2. Justin Leov (Trek World Racing) 2m 35.20secs 3. Luke Strobel (USA) 2m 36.48secs 4. Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing) 2m 36.71secs 5. Dan Atherton (GBR) 2m 36.93secs 6. Aaron Gwin (USA) 2m 37.06secs 9. Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) 2m 38.41secs

CRC/Intense Sea Otter Report

April 23, 2010

The 2010 season has kicked off or ‘Erupted’ with the Sea Otter Classic over at Laguna Seca Raceway in Northern California. 

The event is more of a festival for teams to debut their new new race gear, bikes and sponsors with most of the USA bike industry showing off the latest products and of course tons of spectators and and amateur racers competing and getting to watch the Pros that they only normally see on-line or in the magazines. The DH race is not much of a DH as their is more pedalling than actual DH and not too many corners either but the Slalom race is really cool and always great close racing.
All the team qualified through to the finals (only Chris, Claire and Matti were at Sea Otter) in the Dual Slalom after riding their new Intense Tazer VPP Slalom bikes for the first time in the practice session. In the mens field there was over 100 pro riders with only the top 32 making it through to the finals. Chris ended up making a mistake against eventual 3rd place finisher Jared Rando and lost out by a few 10ths in the round of 16. Matti was edged out by Dan Atherton in the round of 32 and Claire lost out to Tracey Mosley in the Womens race. GT’s Mick Hannah was the eventual winning just beating Yetis Aaron Gwin by hundredths in a very close fought final and Jill Kintner took the win over Rachel Atherton in the womens final.
In the DH or sprint race, Claire ended up 10th in the very tough womens field, Matti was 19th in the Mens and Chris 10th in the mens after slipping his pedals just before the big jumps section of the track and loosing some serious time and momentum. He was only 2 seconds off the podium which was a real shame. He was by far the highest placed finisher on flat pedals. Congratulations to Yetis Gared Graves who won the DH on his 4X bike showing that he can out sprint everyone at the moment. Also to Melissa Buhl who took the win in the Womens.
Our bikes and new race kit looked fantastic, easily the best on on the circuit in my opinion but I guess I am a little biased. But a big thanks to everyone who got all this done for us in time.
I have attached a few pictures from the slalom courtesy of Intense’s top new employee Craig ‘Stikman’ Glaspell. Look out for more of Stik’s pictures and some video footage from Jeff Steber on our team website  in the near future. We are now stranded in California with the current flight situation so we are going to take advantage of the good weather here to get n some DH and XC training. I will post some pictures and reports on the team site. Thanks to Intense for setting up and having pits for us at Sea Otter. Check out the rattle snake!! We woke up to this morning with it just outside the patio! Yikes…….

Port Angeles Contest

April 22, 2010

With the first round of the Pro GRT in Washington this weekend more resembling a World Cup than a regional race, we’re giving away some freebies to whoever can predict the winner of the elite men’s DH event. Email it to or Twitter it to us,

In the case of multiple correct entries the names of those who answered correctly will go into a hat and one will be chosen at random.

Rob Warner has put his money on Aaron Gwin, which seems like a strong bet, but the field is stacked this weekend. Get your entries in now.

Pro GRT Round 1: Port Angeles

April 22, 2010

Port Angeles, Wash. (April 22, 2010) – The USA Cycling Professional Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) kicks off this weekend with round one on the trails at Dry Hill in Port Angeles, Wash.

As the first of five international-caliber downhill events that make up the Pro GRT, the Port Angeles contest (also round two of the NW Cup) will feature an all-star roster of downhill racers from around the world. 

The men’s race will include riders like former world champion Greg Minnaar (RSA/Santa Cruz Syndicate) and former World Cup champ Josh Bryceland (GBR/Santa Cruz Syndicate), as well as 17-year-old U.S. phenom Neko Mulally (Reading, Pa./Trek World Racing) and reigning USA Cycling National Champion Aaron Gwin (Morongo Valley, Calif./Yeti-Fox Shox). Other U.S. riders to keep an eye on will be Duncan Riffle (Santa Barbara, Calif./Team Giant), Joey Schusler (Boulder, Colo./Yeti-Fox Shox), and Chris Boice (Albuquerque, N.M./Yeti-Fox Shox).

In the women’s competition, 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Jill Kintner (Seattle, Wash./Transition Racing) will be up against other world-class riders like former world champ Rachel Atherton (GBR/Atherton Racing) and former World Cup champ Tracy Moseley (GBR/Trek World Racing).

Check out the pro downhill course by clicking here for a pre-ride with MS Racing’s Luke Strobel (Issaquah, Wash.)

Action officially gets under way with a Pro GRT kick-off party on Friday night, seeding runs on Saturday, and the finals on Sunday. For more information, please visit the event’s website by clicking here.

 To learn more about the USA Cycling Pro GRT, please visit the Pro GRT webpage.

Distilled Digital: Sardinia

April 22, 2010

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Yeti’s Sea Otter Video

April 21, 2010