Leigh by the Sea

From Stikman: Did I set any world records in late press releases? So here it is 2 weeks after the otter and just getting this out to all of Leigh’s sponsors and media, its old news, but news worth telling.

Dual Slalom:
This was the first race and actual first time in the dirt for Leigh and her new Intense TazerVP, it appears to have worked well, she qualified 5th. Considering a few factors were against Leigh in going up against 4 other world champions who finished in front of her (Kintner, Atherton, Jonnier and Buhl), Leigh was the oldest competitor in the field at 38, 10 years or more ahead of the rest of the girls…and all the other crap about her being a mom and retail business owner who stands in high heels all day at her shop.

“The slalom was so much fun, kind of funny it has not changed much since the last time I raced it in 2004. The best I have ever done is 2nd place here, 2 times, in 98′ and 2001′ so it certainly is not my ideal track but I rode well and after watching the other girls I knew it would be SO HARD to go that fast. My bikes this year are the best I have ever ridden in almost 20 years of racing, it is nice to be in the position to race for fun and pick the parts I WANT to ride”

1. Jill Kintner 29 USA
2. Rachel Atherton 23 GBR
3. Sabrina Jonnier 29 FRA
4. Melissa Buhl 28
6. Kathy Pruitt 28 USA
7. Tracey Mosely 31 GBR
8. Anneke Beerten 28 NDR

Leigh was a bit tired from racing the slalom the night before, but probably not as tired as the girls who made it to the final rounds so it was time to suit up and go for it. The Otter downhill was another event that was not Leigh’s specialty, her best results here are a 3rd in 2000 and a bunch of other crappy results here on the DH that she’d rather not mention. “I did some runs with my old team mate Brian Lopes in the morning and I think that is pretty much the reason I did so well today, he got me up to speed and I knew all the places I had to pedal. I really had SO much fun riding with all my old friends, and it felt like the mid 90’s when I did ride with Brian. Getting 5th place was like winning for me, no matter how nonchalant everyone is, I tried hard, I know everyone else did and I am stoked with my result, heck, I was only 1/100th off Jonnier for 4th place, does this mean I can podium world cups by getting podium at the gnarly sea otter track!!? hahahaha.”

1. Melissa Buhl 28 USA
2. Rachel Atherton 23 GBR
3. Tracey Mosely 31 GBR
4. Sabrina Jonnier 29 FRA
6. Jill Kintner 29 USA
7. Fionn Griffiths 28 GBR
8. Joanna Peterson 31 RSA
9. Kathy Pruitt 28 USA
10. Claire Buchar 32 CAN

So, thats that. Leigh will be headed to another race soon, she is just not sure where yet…informative isn’t it?
Thanks for being a fan and thanks for the support. Stikman

Contact Leigh for any info on her clinics or coaching mtbleigh@gmail.com


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