Neko Mulally – Injury Update

Following an accident in training at last weekend’s first round of the Gravity East DH Series at Massanutten (USA), Neko Mulally has a confirmed compound fracture of his arm, 3/4 down the Radius bone toward the wrist.

After waiting for the swelling to go down, Neko visited an orthopedic specialist in Philadelphia yesterday who regularly deals with sporting injuries, and the latest information is serious but not as bad as it could have been.

While the bone has a compound fracture, it is not displaced very much at all, approximately 10% off-set. The medical team did not need to set it, they just put his arm in a cast (past the elbow joint) and they feel it will heal fine on its own.

Neko will be checking back with the specialist each week to make sure everything is progressing well. The current cast will be removed in 2-3 weeks and a smaller one placed on his forearm, and that will be there for a further 1-2 weeks. The doctors feel Neko will be cast-free in 4-5 weeks and start riding with a brace, then at 6 weeks he may be able to compete.

For now the team is scrapping any plans of Neko racing in Maribor or Fort William, and will take a week by week assessment on having Neko ready to race for Leogang. Ultimately the team is not wishing to rush his recovery or return to racing.

Neko said: “Obviously this is a huge blow for me, as I was so looking forward to the start of the World Cup season. Right now Leogang is looking realistic to come back to racing, but we’ll take it one week at a time for now. Of the possible ways it could have broken, this is a very good scenario. It is unlikely that only one bone in the forearm breaks. It’s very good because the other bone, the Ulna, is 100% fine and will hold the broken one in place as it heals. I think that I landed with my arm underneath my body on a rock or root that broke only that one bone. I’m just concentrating on recovering as best as I can”. Team Owner Martin Whiteley says: “I got the call just as we were going on air for the Freecaster 4X coverage at Houffalize, and of course we were all very upset for Neko. But it’s not the end of the world, and he needs to stay focused on recovery, doing all he can with his coach and doctors to return 100% fit and strong at the appropriate time. Neko’s a smart and responsible rider; I have 100% faith in his ability to manage this injury.”


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