Dave’s Bike Build – Hope Technology

The parts for Distilled team rider Dave Holzer’s bike are coming in thick and fast. In the mailbox this time was some trickery from the guys at Hope Technology. Resplendent in Hope’s Factory- green was a 50mm downhill Stem and a Tech V2 brake. A huge amount of thought and attention to detail has gone into each individual component, down to the anodized brake adapter and machined out holes on the brake levers for extra grip. Hope have taken a no-compromise approach on the brake in particular, with reach and bite adjusters, braided steel hose and an artfully machined rotor with an aluminum spider mated to a stainless steel braking surface. The stem’s bombproof looks are deceptive as this is an extremely light downhill-oriented stem, with three bolts securing it to the steerer and a reassuringly thick faceplate. This has got to be the best-looking and lightest kit on the market right now and a season of abuse from Dave will tell if its quality and performance rate equally highly.

Huge thanks to Neil Arnold at Hope technology. www.HopeTech.com

Thanks also to Alan Milway.


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