CG Racing Brigade at Maribor

Well, the weather wasn’t really what I was expecting for a come back on the circuit : ) but after a couple of runs in the DH and 4X I was enjoying myself !!! I have to say it was a little bit hard to do all the training between DH and 4X due to the bad timing schedule ! (we are the only 2 to do both anyway !)

4X qualification was really good, even if I started at number 155 at the back with a destroyed course for me but my anger was stronger ! I finish 3rd, perfect for next day’s race.

In DH, starting at the back wasn’t easy , the track was destroyed and had so much water in the ruts but it was fun until I realized half way down the track that I made a bad choice on my disk brake rotor without enough vents to clear out the mud. I finished in 86th position, just not enough to race the final!

THANKS to the BRIGADE Staff for the really good support and Rob and Lepa for cleaning up my dishes in the river : )

CG, the sergeant


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