Issue #1 Coming Soon



5 Responses to “Issue #1 Coming Soon”

  1. Patrick Smith Says:


    It will be nice to see a mag? [Let me know how much advertising will be

  2. Dieter Ward Says:

    Looking forward to your mag.Please have person handling advertising and marketing contact me.

  3. matt adams Says:

    how much will the issues be? When will you have a real site? If you are looking for any design or web help, I run an award winning design firm, and am an avid biker. We have done work with a hand full of shops, and even titus.

  4. distilledmag Says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for your offer. We have been so busy putting Issue 1 together the site has taken a bit of a back seat, but we hope that the blog has been entertaining in the meantime. Look out this week for details on pricing for Issue one and for full subscriptions.

  5. matt adams Says:

    we can always build custom WP themes too. Keep the blog comments & feel, with a full custom look, and move you off the wp hosting onto a custom domain. let me know if you need anything.

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