Getting a sub is simple. Simply email telling us that you want a sub and letting us know what country you’re living in. We will send a PayPal invoice to your inbox, and once you have paid we will ship your first mag out immediately. Rates are $20 for four issues in the US, $25 for Canada and $35 for the UK and Europe. Anyone living outside these areas can email us and we will come up with a reasonable rate for you too.


9 Responses to “Subscriptions”

  1. paul thoday Says:

    hi i have hopefully set up a subscription for your magazine via paypal.

  2. manuel rodriguez Says:

    Hi, I have seen your page and am very interested in subscribing to the magazine, but I do not see like to do it from this web, they can help me to make the payment effective? Is another doubt, if they distribute to the Canary islands, spain?
    Thank you for giving me a prompt response, bye..

  3. distilledmag Says:

    Of course, Manuel. We’ll send you an invoice via PayPal

  4. Lee Says:

    Hi,im after a subscription to your cool mag,i live in Newcastle Upon Tyne,England.I know there is no prob with getting your mag sent across the pond,was just wondering if you have back issues as ive missed out on the first 3 issues?

  5. distilledmag Says:

    Hi Lee, we only have copies of issue 3 left at this point, and issue 4 will be out very soon

  6. Aaron Says:

    Hello Distilled Magazine,

    I am just about to get a good bike magazine and I was wondering how thick your magazine was? Thanks for all the help!!!

  7. distilledmag Says:

    Hi Aaron

    I think the last one was about 80 pages or so, mostly all editorial stuff

  8. Michael Bevege Says:

    Hi guys,

    I currently have a subscription with your mag but have just changed address.

    My new address is –


    If you could arrange for my next issue to be sent here would be fantastic. Keep up the great work.

    Michael Bevege

  9. franco bazzani Says:

    is arrived my pajement for renewe my subscr:? I ahve payed with paypall.

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